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Below is a list of frequently asked questions. If this page does not address your concern or information is unclear, please contact Michelle Fields at (504) 247-1783.

What is underutilization?

Underutilization is defined by the federal government as “having fewer minorities or women in a particular job group than would be expected by their availability”41 CFR § 60-2.11 (b). In our analysis at Tulane University, we compare a job category’s current employment figures to the national, regional, or local availability (depending upon general recruitment area for new employees) of minorities and females. Availability is derived from the most appropriate census data. Different census data is used for the comparison depending upon the particular job category. For example, for faculty the census data used is particular to the rank and discipline of the faculty group. 

How do I determine which job group a job is in for underutilization purposes?

Jobs are grouped according to the job function. A chart to determine which job group your job belongs to is located on the OIE website under the Affirmative Action tab

How long do I have to advertise?

A minimum of 2 weeks is required for all positions. A search may be extended beyond the 2 weeks by notifying Office of Human Resources.

Where do I need to advertise?

Office of Human Resources post positions automatically to local websites. You may consult with a Talent Acquisition Recruiter for other postings.

How do I update a job description?

Job descriptions are reviewed and approved by Office of Human Resources. Refer to the Office of Human Resources website at

How do I provide a job description for a faculty job?

Faculty positions normally do not have traditional job descriptions. 

Why are minimum qualifications so important?

Only persons who meet the minimum qualifications of a job may be considered applicants according to the Affirmation Action Plan regulations. OIE will not approve an applicant for hire who does not meet the stated minimum qualifications on the job description and advertisement.

What documents are needed for faculty searches?

The Faculty Approval Form only for the selected candidate, the advertisement, and the Faculty Recruitment Procedures Form.

What is the Self-Identification Form?

The University is required by law to collect data on all applicants for all positions in order to complete an annual analysis.

How do applicants receive the Self Identification Data Form?

As part of the application process, the iReKREWT system collects this data from applicants. For any position not posted through Office of Human Resources, the Search Committee must direct all applicants to OIE’s website to complete the voluntary form.

What is the Exceptions to the Standard Search Process?

The Exceptions to the Standard Search Process is also known as a waiver. To determine what constitutes an exception to the standard search contact Michelle Fields at (504) 247-1783.

Can I accept applications once a job posting has closed?

An applicant cannot apply or be considered for a position once the search has been closed.

Can I use different applicant pools to fill other vacant positions?

An applicant pool is created from the total number of people who apply to a specific position. In the next stage of the selection process, hiring officials must select candidates for consideration from the applicant pool. Candidates cannot be considered for a position if they did not apply to that specific position, or if they are in a different applicant pool.


When can I begin conducting interviews?

Interviewing can begin immediately, however department hiring officials must review all applicant information before making a final decision. No decision can be made until the search is closed. 

How long do I need to retain recruiting documentation?

Recruiting documentation must be retained in your department for 2 years in accordance with federal law and guidelines. In the event of an audit, the documentation will be needed for review. All documentation that pertains to the search must be maintained including notes, evaluations, advertisements, resumes and/or CV’s of all applicants, etc.

What training does OIE provide?

OIE provides training on hiring processes, sexual harassment, discrimination, diversity, and any other issues pertaining to equity. Should your department wish to request training, email indicating your interest.